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New PR Analysis System

July 15, 2016

We’re excited to announce an important change to the way we analyze PRs. Going forward, we now limit the files analyzed to those modified by the pull request you’ve made.

In order to make a clear distinction between PR and push analyses, we are now using a different “status context”, just like Travis CI does.

GitHub Status

This is perfect for if you are partially phasing in some coding standards changes, or are accepting PRs from forks that haven’t been rebased in a while. Just to be clear, this does not affect push analyses. We still look at the codebase as a whole. This change is purely intended to make reviewing PRs more straightforward.

In addition to this, whenever we sent a new fix pull request to a branch, we will also close any existing fix PR open on that branch. This will prevent having a large amount of spam PRs on your repos. This feature mainly affects people manually sending the fix PRs, or, who don’t have auto-merging turned on, but just auto-sending.

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